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    Dr. Thomas Heidel

    Dr. Daniel Lochner

    Dr. Matthias Schatz

    Stock Corporation Law and Capital Market Law

    Stock corporation law has a special position within the area of company law consultancy services. Due to the continuous revision of statutes and the close links with other areas, for instance capital market law, this field of law has become so complex that it poses particular challenges for legal consultancy.

    For institutional investors and wealthy individuals as well as the members of corporate bodies and small and medium-sized companies, the search for qualified consultants in the area of securities law is made difficult by the fact that these experts mainly work in large law firms and are often bound to the interests of large companies or shareholders; this makes it more difficult to represent other interests, even if they are of commercial significance, or even makes this representation impossible. This is one of the cases where the level of independence ensured at Meilicke Hoffmann & Partner pays off for our clients.

    Our lawyers have gained their reputation through their work on high-profile stock corporation law cases, as well as through numerous legal publications. They are renowned nationwide for their expertise and long-standing experience, in consultancy as well as at court.

    Scope of consultancy services in stock corporation law and capital market law

    Our scope of consultancy services comprises all issues of stock corporation law and capital market law, in particular

    • comprehensive and continuous consultancy services for companies on all issues of stock corporation law and capital market law, including conversions and restructurings
    • advice for members of the board of directors or the supervisory board
    • preparation and conduction of annual general meetings
    • comprehensive consultancy services for majority and minority shareholders
    • public takeover offers (issue, defence)
    • membership in administrative bodies (e.g. supervisory board) upon the client’s request

    Disputes relating to stock corporation law and capital market law

    All types of disputes relating to stock corporation law and capital market law are a special focus of our activities. In the past, we have proven our expertise in numerous proceedings, which often were successfully taken through the instances up to the German federal court of justice (BGH), and have thus contributed, in the interest of our clients, to the further development of stock corporation law. Our clients profit from the combination of our scientific expertise with comprehensive forensic experience. We advise and represent our clients in particular in the context of

    • the assertion of, and defence against, liability of corporate bodies and group liability
    • the filing of, and defence against, actions for avoidance and annulment against resolutions taken by the annual general meeting, including representation in approval proceedings
    • shareholder action, special audits, proceedings for the enforcement of claims for information, appointment by the court of members of the board of directors and the supervisory board, and proceedings against the BaFin
    • complaints to the German federal constitutional court (BVerfG) and the European Court of Justice as a consequence of disputes relating to stock corporation law.

    In addition to your other contacts, Sebastian Schödel and Jan Kleinertz are also available for all issues related to stock corporation law.