Meilicke Hoffmann und Partner - Anwaltskanzlei Bonn

    Representation in Complex Court Proceedings

    Our lawyers have long-standing experience in representing complex cases in court, in all areas of commercial law. The range of this area of our activities - usually covering several fields of law and often leading to a further development of the law or maybe even being directly aimed at further developing the law, at our client’s request - comprises liability claims and action for damages, assertion of receivables not infrequently amounting to billions of, major, commercially important insolvency law disputes, cases relating to constitutional and European law, proceedings on unclear fundamental issues of general importance, in particular relating to stock corporation law and tax law, as well as class action proceedings on capital market issues.

    Examples of our activities

    Our activities have resulted in a series of renowned fundamental decisions by the ECJ, the German federal court of justice (BGH) and of various higher regional courts (OLG).

    • „Meilicke judgments” by the European Court of Justice (C-292/04 of 06 Mar. 2007 and C-262/09 of 30 Jun. 2011)
    • Judgments by the BGH in “Mangusta vs. Commerzbank” (BGHZ 164, 241 and 249)
    • Judgments by the BGH on the issue of group liability in the Federal Republic of Germany towards Deutsche Telekom (BGHZ 175, 365)